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Meet The Design Team

Our professional designer will collaborate with Luka on your home preparation process. This includes ensuring any improvements to your home are done beautifully, within budget, and on time. The designer will work directly with vendors to prepare your home, which includes scheduling start and end dates for the project, overseeing the work, and making sure the work is appropriately performed. Our designers work extensively with the best staging companies in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and will select the one that best fits your home. 

Field Coordinator

Our field coordinators will dedicate eight hours of their time to your property. Their services include the multi-point, pre-inspection checklist that focuses on issues ahead of the property inspections, so simple details can be addressed before the inspector arrives. This includes taking care of nagging last-minute items, such as replacing light bulbs, oiling squeaky hinges, checking or installing mandated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and much more.  


The right marketing plan can significantly increase the value of your home. By any objective measure, we do more marketing for our properties than any other agent or team in Greater Los Angeles Area. We works closely with the best marketing team in real estate, consisting of a graphic designer, copywriter, photographer, international marketing manager, social media specialist, and a creative director to craft a message that highlights all of the best qualities of your home and neighborhood. Unlike most other Realtors®, we do not outsource this important function to third-party providers who use the same templates for multiple agents and brokerages.

We have devised a strategic marketing plan with key aspects that have proven effective for our clients. We include an addendum to the “standard” listing agreement that commits us to the marketing we will do for your property, as the “standard” listing agreement used in the area does not place any specific marketing requirements on Realtors®. We pride ourselves on providing more exposure for our listings than any other brokerage, and it starts with our extensive marketing.


All of our properties are highlighted with a custom website featuring a professionally produced and narrated video tour, a 3D tour, property information, a photo gallery, and property disclosures. Team Luka Realty Group website is also a great tool for buyers, allowing them to research cities and neighborhoods, read published articles about the local real estate market as well as related legal and tax topics, and conduct detailed, filtered property searches. Our website is completely customized, locally focused, and written entirely by us, with an eye towards the concerns of local residents. That is why so many buyers visit our site even if they are working with other agents, which results in extra exposure for our listings. Furthermore, our active listings are prominently featured on the home page of our company website. We are the only local brokerage that offers this enhanced exposure and expertise to its clients.


Your home will be detailed in a full-color, professionally designed and printed 12-page brochure. This brochure will include multiple photos, engaging text, and a comprehensive list of features, as well as a link to the custom website and video. The brochure will certainly make buyers remember your property, which is important since many buyers say that homes start to blend together after seeing so many in a day. 


In addition to all of the free online marketing utilized by most agents, Team Luka Realty Group pays for Facebook and Google ads to bring even more attention to your property. We also heavily feature our listings on our Instagram page, as well as posting our video tours on YouTube. Our marketing team also includes employees with expertise in online and social media promotions to ensure your home receives maximum exposure across all platforms.


All of our homes are photographed by professional photographers who specialize in residential photography. Our photographers are far more experienced than
other options on the market, and based on our experience, the quality of our photography has had a profound impact on the brochures and newspaper ads that we run for each home. As with all marketing, we bear the entire cost of the photography.


Agents often tout a National Association of Realtors® study that found that over 90% of buyers utilize the Internet as part of their home search. Given that this is true, shouldn’t your home get the best possible online presentation?  It is worth a few moments to visit each listing agent’s property websites and ascertain their level of web sophistication and presentation skills.


Although many Realtors® argue against newspaper ads because they are a large expense generally borne by the agents themselves, we have had tremendous success with this marketing approach in attracting attention and drawing people to our listings’ microsites.

Simply put, we run more ads for your home than any other agent will run for a competing property. We will run full-page ads for your home in the LA Times, and your local newspaper the first week that it is on the market, and we will average over one ad every other week until the property sells. Another advantage of our robust newspaper spending is that we get better pricing and placement in the papers; thus, you will get better ads that are run more frequently and with preferential placement.


To give buyers an immersive experience, we provide a 3D virtual tour to capture a three-dimensional representation of the home. With this feature, buyers can look at the floorplan from above, or move from room to room using their mouse. This helps potential buyers feel as though they are walking through the floorplan, allowing them to grasp the flow of the home and to appreciate its design and features. This tour is complemented by our narrated videos.


  • Advertisement in local Chinese newspapers
  • Dedicated Chinese website for your property
  • Property featured on WeChat® page (Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile app with over 1 billion active users), and other third-party sites

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